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Gabriel Zellmer

Gabe's Facebook Profile Gabriel Zellmer

Perhaps the best way to describe Gabriel is through a story. Years ago he was driving back home to Oregon from a trip in Mexico. Along the way, the van full of guys he was traveling with witnessed a serious, and fatal, car crash. The van came to a stop and before any other guys could act, Gabriel was already on the scene. He was the first to respond, the first to give aid, and the first to comfort. These are the qualities that those who love him admire most. Gabriel is a quick-to-action, intelligent and committed, die-hard romantic. He is a devoted friend, and his younger sisters adore him and his protective nature. He is fiercely loyal, constantly provides comedic relief, and his friends and family know that he is always the first to offer sound advice and encouragement.


Megan Tabah

Megan's Facebook Profile Megan Tabah

Megan is a most warm and witty person. She has always been generous, not only with her time but also with gifts for her special friends. She will do anything for those she cares about ... and she cares deeply! She is fun loving, romantic, humorous, beautiful, clever and courteous, a talented photographer with a keen artistic eye, honorable and trustworthy, and a considerate and loyal friend. She is sensitive, sometimes shy, and affectionate. Megan is intelligent, focused and organized. She has a whimsical, playful and impish side that everyone adores and she loves to be with family!